Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rough Day

Not in terms of training, just in terms of life.  It seems the past few days have really sucked, and things just don't seem to be turning around.  Before my run, I got in two tax bills that are kind of messing with my budget and have me pretty damn stressed.  So, needless to say, I needed to run (both to stick to my plan but also for stress relief); however, I had little to no desire to run.
But I did.  I got my three miles in, 10:02 pace, felt easy--though it is pretty damn hot out. I forgot to check the temp before I went out but it is 73 now at 7pm and I went out at 6, so it was probably around 75 or so.  Sunny and nice out. Wore two pairs of socks today, per suggestion of the podiatrist I went to.  Haven't taken my sneakers off yet, so no clue how well it worked.  My feet are burning, so I am guessing there are blisters. 
Oh well.  I think 116 days till race day.

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