Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cross Train Saturday

So yesterday was a rest day (which I totally blew up having clamcakes & chowder for lunch with copious amounts of wine at dinner--but it was a really rough day emotionally so it was kind of called for).  I did totally and completely rest yesterday aside from a bit of fishing but I would hardly call that a workout!  Today I rode with my dad for some cross training.  We did 26.29 miles at a 15.5 average pace.  I felt really good and my dad commented that my running through the winter is showing itself in my climbing ability.  I even was able to, without much effort, pass him on Nate Whipple (my arch-nemesis end-of-ride hill climb).  As far as fuel, I had pb&j on english muffin for breakfast with a chobani and then pre-ride I had a trail mix bar and a banana.  At about mile 18 I started to feel my stomach growling so I ate my sport beans and they held me over until I got home.  Drank 16 oz of water on the ride with 16 oz before.  Also had large glass of juice and about 12 oz of iced tea before ride.  After ride, I had a can of diet 7up and a large glass of skim chocolate milk.  I really enjoyed the ride today.  When we went out the temp was around 77 at 1pm, and when we got home it was 84.  Sun shined the whole ride, and we went out on a lot of roads I have never been on.  A lot of the roads intersected or ran parallel to roads I know, so it was cool to see the same areas from a different perspective.

I have my first long run tomorrow, it is 6 miles.  I am slightly nervous about it, but I know that six miles is not very long and it is well within my reach.  My goal will be to run at a slow pace and enjoy myself and try to enjoy spending the time outside doing something positive for myself.  I like to remember that all of this training and exercise is one of the many ways I take care of myself and replenish my spirit.  With wedding planning and the kind of day-to-day stresses everyone encounters, I need to remember that I am my priority right now and I need to provide for myself before anyone else.  I would like to put a little focus onto the idea that "you can only control how you react to situations, you cannot control the situations you encounter."  Hopefully the time I spend working out and working on myself this weekend will help give me some perspective to the crap I dealt with on Friday and I will end the weekend with a clearer head than I went into it with.
I am valuable and I value myself, it is my priority to care for myself and to treat myself the way I deserve to be treated.  I love my life, and I am grateful I have discovered the tools I have to deal with stress.  I am a lucky girl! :)

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