Tuesday, June 14, 2011

First Run

Today was the first run of my marathon training.  It was a 3 mile run, and my goal was to attempt to control my pace.  I held a 9:41 pace which is slightly faster than I would like these easy runs to be.  My marathon goal pace is 9:30; I would like to see my tuesday/thursday runs done at 9:45.  I would also like to improve the consistency at which I hold the pace.  Looking at my garmin data, my pace varies constantly throughout the run; by the end of this training, I would like to have better control of that.  As far as conditions today; cloudy and 60 degrees.  I felt good during the run, never felt over exerted.  I worked 12 hrs last night and slept 5 hours today.  Pancakes for breakfast pre-run; sips of water pre-run; 24 oz water post-run.  Yesterday at the gym I had a near syncopal episode and today felt none of those symptoms.  I have been recovering from a cold.  After my run, I walked with Cooper for about 1/2 mile and stretched focusing on my quads, hamstrings, and IT bands.  I am excited about this training program.  My biggest fear right now is injury and/or feeling overwhelmed and self-sabotaging.  I plan to overcome these fears by developing a better strength/stretching regimen and icing at the first twinge of pain.  I plan to overcome my fear of being overwhelmed by using copious amounts of positive self-talk.  I am most excited about tackling my goal of running a marathon and getting into a groove with my training where I look forward to my runs and can focus more on how I feel after I run as opposed to how hard it can be to get myself going!
125 days...

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