Wednesday, June 15, 2011


So today was my second day of running.  Again, I ran three miles.  This time I ran at City Park for a change of scenery.  Today is sunny and 72 degrees, I worked last night and slept four hours today.  I had a bagel thin with light cream cheese and a greek yogurt with a glass of juice prior to my run.  After I had about 20 oz of smart water.  Average run pace 9:41.  My pace on hills slows considerably (from an average around 6.2 down to around 5.4), I would like to improve on that.  I felt good during the run, relaxed, breathing felt easy.  Palpitations during the first mile that were asymptomatic otherwise.  After the run, I walked another lap of the park (~2.4 miles) incorporating walking lunges up the hills during the first mile, side walking squats, and stationary squats.  Felt good to be outside, lots of salt left over after the run though so will have to be careful to replace that.  As far as my fears/excitement--don't feel any twinges anywhere and stretched thoroughly after run, was motivated to run today and had no trouble getting out the door.  Looking forward to tomorrow's run, excited to know Friday is a rest day and Saturday I will most likely be cycling.  Happy to have had another good training day!
124 days till the race
(Oh and Nick surprised me this morning and registered me for the race, so I am officially entered to run!)

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