Sunday, July 3, 2011

worst run ever!

So I just finished my five mile easy long sunday run.  And it was the worst run of my life!
About 77 degrees, 80% humidity, rain showers (light), and only 1 hour after my salad.  Uh--bad.  As far as my pace, that was fine 10:53, right in line for long run pace.  However, the level of discomfort I felt was unbearable.  I need to get a heart rate strap for my garmin, because I am positive I had to be at about 90% for the duration of my run.  Right now, 15 minutes after stopping and cooling down, my hr is still 120.  I am drenched (part sweat and part rain, mostly sweat i think).  I am having terrible stomach ughiness and overall I think i might be better off dead.

Ok..I'm being dramatic, I know.  But really, this run was no fun. 
Glad it is over, and yes, I'm glad I did it and did not miss a training day.
Proud of myself for that.... :-)

A week away...

Ok, so my initial plan to update this after every run has not gone so well this past week.  It looks like my last update was the 21st so let's catch up.
6/23: 3 miles at 9:32; I ran in the neighborhood at 12 in the afternoon.  Pretty sure I didn't much feel like going out this day--oh it was supposed to rain. So I decided to stick to the neighborhood so if it did rain I could just turn around.
6/26: 7 miles at 10:27; second long run and I was really happy that I kept my pace slow.  I did a big loop in the park and then the small park loop and it worked out great.  Went out at 7:20 pm and it was in the high 70s (it has been for just about every run)
6/28: 3 miles at 9:37; my week day short runs are turning out to be at a bit of a faster pace than planned; however it keeps me entertained to see the faster numbers in contrast to the slow numbers of my long runs. I think it builds confidence in myself that I will be able to run at my planned marathon pace; I think if I just went out slow every day, I would be nervous that I wouldn't be able to run at marathon pace because it would feel so foreign to me. 
6/29: 4 miles at 10:18; just did one big loop of the park and worked to keep myself slower than the day before.  It was very hot this day; I believe still around 80 when I went out.
6/30: 3 miles at 9:32; despite heading out at almost 7pm, it was still around 80 for this run and I really am getting sick of the heat.  I ran down to narragansett blvd for this run, out and back.  I discovered that it is exactly 1.5 miles to the yacht club at the end of the road; glad I discovered this route, felt good, felt fast; again glad to see my pace at the slightly faster numbers as it is building my confidence.

I find that when I really don't want to run; I run much faster!  I have been really focusing on hydration and trying to stay ahead of the game in terms of that.  No palpitations lately; been eating kinda crappy the past two weekends b/c of cookouts but I'm trying not to beat myself up too much about it.
My left knee began feeling a bit tweaky last week, focused on stretching a bit more and now no pain.  Also started to feel some stress in my shins last week but again with the increased stretching, the pain has subsided.

Went out for 31 miles on the bike yesterday with Dad and Nick.  My longest ride of the season thus far.  I have had several 25 and one 26, but this was the first week I really wanted to and felt comfortable enough to bump up the mileage slightly.  31 felt good and I think next week I could comfortably do the 31 again.  I actually think i could bump it up to 35-40; but my long run bumps up to 9 miles next week so I don't want to do back to back stressful work outs.  I am thinking I should bump up the bike miles every third week; when the run mileage cuts back for a week.  We'll see how it goes.  My biking goal for this summer is only to hit a 50 mile ride; and really just be able to comfortably use biking as cross training for my marathon training.  After this year, I am going to focus on running in the winter and cycling in the summer.  I'd like to do my third century next summer; maybe even do two centuries next summer.  This winter I'd like do do another half marathon and depending on how this marathon goes, either another marathon or a third half in the early spring before I switch over to cycling as my primary exercise. 
Ok, about to head out for my 5 mile run; it is currently cloudy and 77; hoping it doesn't storm on my while I'm out there!
Happy 4th of July! 105 days till the race!