Sunday, July 3, 2011

worst run ever!

So I just finished my five mile easy long sunday run.  And it was the worst run of my life!
About 77 degrees, 80% humidity, rain showers (light), and only 1 hour after my salad.  Uh--bad.  As far as my pace, that was fine 10:53, right in line for long run pace.  However, the level of discomfort I felt was unbearable.  I need to get a heart rate strap for my garmin, because I am positive I had to be at about 90% for the duration of my run.  Right now, 15 minutes after stopping and cooling down, my hr is still 120.  I am drenched (part sweat and part rain, mostly sweat i think).  I am having terrible stomach ughiness and overall I think i might be better off dead.

Ok..I'm being dramatic, I know.  But really, this run was no fun. 
Glad it is over, and yes, I'm glad I did it and did not miss a training day.
Proud of myself for that.... :-)

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